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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and drinking. that'sy where you heat up and have the problems. we have all sorts of clouds to the north and west and some of those are drifting toward us in the form of high thin ones. the big storms are in ohio, michigan and indiana. this morning we will call it clear to partly cloudy. muggy. 75 at national. upper 60s winchester, martinsburg, frederick, gaithersburg and manassas, culpeper 66. andrews 16 and 74 from our friends at the naval academy. another hot sticky day with an afternoon thunderstorm and high temperatures will be in the potentially mid-90s. good morning, angie. >> hello, hello, everybody. glad you could join us early on. waking up to construction issues on the outer loop. should be clearing in the next half hour. check it out here at branch avenue. losing a couple of right lanes. and we have two lanes blocked
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at the kenilworth avenue exit. checking on that drive, that one-hour commute making your way out of fredericksburg up 95 to the mixing bowl. you are looking incident and accident free. 395, here we go. no complaints continuing to this roadway. making your way to the 14th street bridge. zipping by. southbound, hello, maryland. 270, incident and construction free to the split and the beltway near the american legion bridge no issues to report in and out of virginia. back to you. today is the one-year anniversary of the deadliest crash in metro history. nine people were killed when two red line trains collide near fort totten. the very first rescuers to arrive on the scene of the crash were firefighter paramedics from the station on georgia avenue. scott broom spoke with some of the crew about that terrifying day. as he tells us their most vivid memory is perhaps not what you would expect.
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>> kind of an eerie quiet. >> reporter: this rescuers was among the first to climb in the wreckage. he remembers near silence. >> i would have thought there would have been people screaming for help and things like that but it wasn't. it was kind of quiet. we got our equipment there and made our own noise 0 so to speak. >> one car on top of another car. >> it was hot an humid. lieutenant carroll remembers his first sight of wreck. >> when you looked down the tracks you could see the train sticking up in the air. even when we were climbing on the train, not until you got out and saw that the car reduced to a 10 to 15-foot compressed area, not until you got up close where we concentrated our efforts on did you know a couple of people that were trapped really badly. there were eat seats and benches and floors that needed to be moved out of the way.
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that's when we uncovered two people who were really trapped badly and that's where we worked for the next couple of hours. they weren't talking. they weren't conscious. they weren't -- there was no communication with them. >> the women did not survive but carroll and the others are settled with the fact they did what they could. >> it was truly an accident. a tragic event. >> a once in a career -- at least you hope. but you can't dwell on it too much. you have to get ready for the next response. >> that was scott broom reporting. in the end nine people died including the two those first ponders tried to save. members of the emergency crew say they are aren't afraid of the metro but can't look at a train without thinking of that day. metro is planning a memorial service to honor those who lost their lives in that crash. 9 news now will have live coverage of the service here on
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channel 9 and on starting at 10:00 this morning. the maryland transportation authority is conducting a probe in to the operations and technical breakdown of a marc train. shortly after leaving the district yesterday evening train 538 lost power and came to a halt near sheafly, maryland. the train remained stranded without power and no ac for more than two hours. two passengers had to be taken to the hospital for heat- related illnesses. other passengers were eventually transferred to another train. dc officials say there were no escape or escape attempts during a riot at the youth center. sources say inmates used a stolen electronic key to free prisoners from their rooms. the shift commander had his jaw broken and four officers suffered bumps and bruises. the union represents officers say there is a serious staff shortage in the 60 bed facility
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that was housing 70 inmates on saturday night. they say roughly 40 youth correctional officers are home on leave from injuries suffered from inmates. new beginnings is run by the department of youth rehabilitation services. this afternoon, several local families are scheduled to hold a rally outside of the wilson building protesting dyrs. they say neither the agency or mayor fenty is doing anything to keep violent offenders off the streets. the mother of one murder teenager says mayor fenty just doesn't care. >> reporter: the city met jefferies on march 30th, the night her daughter was gunned down in a drive-by shooting that killed four persons and injured five others. among those charged were youthful offenders who had been supervised by dyrs. >> the issue for me and i think most of the metropolitan area is death. that's what i equate dyrs to be
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a breeding ground for murderers. >> reporter: she wrote the mayor complaining he has not done enough to control the agency. since none of the children murdered senselessly in dc have been your children or anyone you know directly it is not an issue or concern to you, she says. >> miss jefferies, you really believe the mayor of the city doesn't care about the kids in the city. >> i don't believe it. i know it. now you have a multimillion- dollar facility that does not house enough individuals and they are not getting the services they need. so that is pretty much says it. you don't care. there are people shot down in dc every single day. we live in washington, d.c. we don't live in iraq and afghanistan. so why are there multiple shootings every day and murder? >> reporter: we made repeated calls to the mayor's office seeking his response. at 4:58 yesterday afternoon, a spokesperson said thanks, i'll see what i can do.
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that's the last we heard. the associated press is reporting that white house budget chief is stepping down. according to a source, peter orszag plans to step down later this year. british petroleum says it has spent $2 billion fighting the spill in the gulf of mexico. that includes efforts to contain the leak and compensation for victims. that figure is about to get higher. the federal government has sent b.p. a $51 million bill to cover addition a -- additional costs from the spill. a federal judge in new orleans could rule today or tomorrow on a lawsuit to lift the president's six-month moratorium on off shore drilling. the ban is being challenged by the industry. in the news now, an american citizen has pleaded guilty to trying to set off a car bomb in new york's times
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square last month. faisal shahzad told the federal judge he worked with pakistan taliban. and said they provided $15,000 to fund his operation. voters in nebraska approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants. supporter of the ban say the ordnance is not racist. one resident says it goes against the spirit of the country. a u.s. senate report says haiti has made little progress in rebuilding in the five months since the earthquake. there are reports that an absence of leadership, disagreement among donors and general disorganization in the country. three weeks in to the hurricane season millions remain misplaced. a federal plan to help homeowners in need is running in to trouble. and selling tobacco products is about to get a little tougher. it is 4:38. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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it's time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. we will have another snapshot of the housing market this morning analysts expect to see a real estate slow down for may but better news could bring stocks to the upside. the dow stands at 10442 after dropping eight. the nasdaq lost 20 an the s&p 500 was off by more than 4 points. the government's plan for helping struggling homeowners is running in to trouble. more than 1 million borrowers have enrolled in the mortgage aid program but a third have dropped out or failed to qualify. that could mean another wave of foreclosures will hit the housing market and slow down the industry's recovery. starting next week, it will be against the law to put a pack of cigarettes in the mail, with a few exceptions. the postal service will no
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longer accept packages containing cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. the president signed the ban in to law in march. for more "living $mart" headlines, log on to our website at click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. dc leaders announce heat- related changes to the way certain city functions will be performed. and which is healthier, tea or coffee? the answer may all depend on your sex and how old you are. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9 news now. firefighters are starting to make progress against the 10,000-acre fire near flagstaff, arizona. it is 10% contained. on monday, winds up to 20 miles an hour created big challenges for crew trying to battle the so-called shultz fire. no injuries have been reported. 750 homes are under evacuation
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orders. >> very hot and dry. but we are running a five plus inch deficit for the year. we need some rain and we need cooler weather. in fact we will start with a look at how hot it has been so far this month of june. just got the numbers in. spring, astronomical spring in washington, march 20th and june 20th period, warmest on record bay half degree from the national weather service and their records go back to the 1870s. talk about the two 90-degree days. we average seven on an average here. last year two and this year we have had ten 90-degree days. the record is 17 set back in 1994. it is in jeopardy. we will get quite a few more 90- degree days this week and then a few more days next week. the next three days, 94 today would be 11, 12 rein 13 with temperatures in the mid-90s chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, slight chance
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tomorrow and chance on thursday. i think tomorrow will be the least active of the next few days but with the heat and humidity we are expecting storms. partly cloudy and anywhere from the mid-60s. the next couple of hours will rise to the mid-80s. sunrise 5 listen 43. sunny and hot with a few potentially strong storms today. under a slight risk area. the midwest back to northern virginia and maryland could be problematic. mainly evening thunderstorms, muggy. 70 to 75 with a southwest win at five. not everyone will see the storm but those storms that pop up could be on the strong to severe side. 60sin gaithersburg and manassas. 75 dc. 71 southern maryland. 68 on the eastern shore from easton to cambridge. to the west, culpeper is 66. winchester up to martinsburg is 67 and hagerstown which is running mild at 73.
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it is 66 also in laytonsville. columbia is 70. 68 crofton and brandywine in to fairfax county. ft. belvoir 68 and reston down to 66. and our friends in sterling at 68 and leesburg 70. 75. it is a little muggy with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. high thin clouds with light winds and a barometer at 30.08. nationally looking at an area of high pressure trying to come down. look at the showers and storms from michigan, detroit, indianapolis. some of these are packing a good punch this morning but all we can hope for are the high clouds that are coming across and later on today we will see some of those storms get closer and closer, especially with the heat. low to mid-90s here. even richmond 96. philly will be closer to 93 or 94 today but it is a warm atmosphere. tonight in the 70s once again. as we look at the seven-day
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forecast, got the heat, fortunately a lot of heat ahead. 92 or so today. 93 tomorrow. we will be 96 as we get to thursday. we have heat right through the weekend. the chances of thunderstorms as we get in here through the weekend. let's throw it over to angie goff. she has the latest on the traffic this morning. across the viewing area looking good, washington. looking good. just have construction to contend with the next 15 minutes or so on the outer loop at branch avenue and ritchie- marlboro. but as we open up the door and say good morning to 66 drivers, heading eastbound you are doing fine making your way out of mass transit all the way to inside the beltway. keeping it moving. next stop, inner and outer loop in maryland, things are moving well here near the 270 spur. to our friends this southern maryland. we want to take you to the maps again. realtime graphics. zooming in and revealing pennsylvania avenue, branch
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avenue and 301 crane highway, they are all looking incident and accident free. i'm giving them the double thumbs up. to wrap it up, 395 northbound, looks like a nice quiet drive as we move it outside making your way from 495 past shirlington to approaching the 14th street bridge. crystal clear commute on this tuesday morning. we are 11 minutes away from the 5:00 hour. that's the traffic. now, back to you. this mini heat wave we are experiencing is forcing a change in the district. trash pickup will be earlier in the day for the next two days. because of the forecast today and tomorrow, the dc department of public works says the trash and recycling crews will begin an hour earlier at 6:00 a.m. cameras are catching red light runners in arlington, virginia. the county activated cameras at four intersections it says are the most accident prone. drivers will get warning letters for the first 30 days.
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after that those caught running the red light will face a $50 fine. they are located at north lynn street and lee highway, ft. myer drive and lee highway in rosslyn. lee highway and washington boulevard near east falls church and north glebe road and fairfax drive in ballston. looking at the living well headlines, new federal rules go in to affect today which change the way cigarettes are sold and marketed in america. from now on, you will no longer see words like light, mild or low on packaging and the rules ban free samples and require stronger warning labels on all smokeless tobacco packages. two studies show anxiety maybe a risk factor for developing heart disease. as peggy bungser reports anxious people have a 48% increased risk of dying from heart disease. >> steven suffers from anxiety from time to time.
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>> even some palpitations or tightness in the chest. in my 20s and 330s. >> symptoms can feel like a heart attack but four months ago steven suffered the real thing. >> no one expects a 42-year-old with no risk factors to have a heart attack. >> a study suggests that anxiety may put you at risk for developing heart disease. they found anxious people had a 48% increased risk of dying from heart disease. 40million american suffer anxiety disorders at some point in their lives and they believe anxiety should be a risk factor for high blood pressure and cholesterol. >> is your anxiety level changes interfering with your life. >> lifestyle changes, therapy and medication can help severe anxiety. for now steven is trying to eliminate stress in his life. >> i'm definitely focusing on being positive and exercising and spending time with my family. >> reporter: that's the
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challenge for physicians. addressing emotional problems, not just physical ones. peggy bunker for cbs news, new york. women might want to switch to coffee after pen know pause. a study shows drinking tea can double their risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. researchers at georgetown university came to that conclusion after studying more than 76,000 women. according to the research, even small amounts of tea upped their risk. coffee had no affect on the development of arthritis in the study group. there's more proof that mother's milk is better for baby. dutch researchers found that babies who nursed exclusively for at least four months of their lives have a much lower risk of developing respiratory infections and gastro intensal illness. they believe breast milk can boost a baby's immune system. for more log on to and click on the living well tab on the front page. some local children come
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together to help out the cleanup effort in the gulf. the redskins new regime is working to mend fences between the team and its former players. it is 4:53. you are watching 9 news now. it is 75 degrees. now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. welcome back to 9 news now. a group of local fifth graders is helping with the cleanup effort in the gulf. students from fulton elementary in fulton, maryland launched an effort to raise $500 for the oil spill cleanup. they did better than hey hoped.
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they collected $600. 9 news now talked to one of the students that led the effort. it. >> takes a lot of hard work to get something done. we spent almost recess inside but it was definitely worth it. >> what is your dream? >> i want to see the beaches are cleaner and better than before. >> reporter: samantha and her classmates presented the $600 check to a representative of the national wildlife federation. an exclusive dating website launched what it is calling a beautiful baby service. it is a virtual egg and sperm bank for people who want attractive babies. it critics question the ethics of the site but those making it don't apologize. they say it is open to everyone. it says 600 children have been born to people who met through the site already. >> we will meet again ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: family, friends
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and fans gathered to say good- bye to jimmy dean. dean's funeral was yesterday in richmond. among the speakers was veteran dc weatherman willard scott. >> they asked me to come down for breakfast, which was terrific. we had scrambled eggs and what was it? some kind of sausage. i forgot what. >> reporter: jimmy dean hosted the television show here at wusa 9. he died last week at age 81. he is being laid to rest in a mausoleum at hizzes skate overlooking the james river. for the 3 -- for the 31st consecutive year the proudest redskins got together to swing their clubs. the golf classic benefits hearts and homes for youths but this year's event had another purpose. bruce allen had a plan and greg was there to see it come to fruition. >> bruce allen led us to
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believe his golf game needed work. >> i'm hoping in a scramble my teammates can take care of me. >> the general manager is bruce allen. >> reporter: like the day he was named redskins general manager allen knows how to make a good impression. this is his approach shot on the first hole. but more than his swing has made him a hit with the redskins alumni. >> a chance for another birdie. >> focusing on bettering the relationship between the alumni and the organization. >> reporter: for years many former players have felt unwanted. >> so many of our guys avoided the redskins for a while now. >> reporter: but allen has changed that sentiment. >> it is refreshing to feel like we are welcomed again. >> we wouldn't have what we have today if it weren't for the former players and coaches and staff. >> the alumni appear to be behind allen's every move including his handling of the
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haynesworth situation. >> where does team enter, it is all about i, mine, me. >> allen knows not all the decisions he makes will get high marks but like his golf game he hopes the good outweighs the bad. >> the spirit is good but we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: allen knows it doesn't matter what happens now but rather when they start keeping score. in listens down, virginia, nine sports now. good morning. thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. angie will have the traffic in a moment. howard bernstein has a look at the forecast. it is a scorcher. >> another one. another sizzling day across the region. this is getting to be an interesting month in the sense we have had a very warm spring. the hottest astronomical spring on record. that just came across. 3 to 4/10th of a degree. it has been a hot and dry month. once again we start off the day


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